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We focus on one product and we do it the best!



1 Pocket - $3.50
5 Pockets - $7.00
10 to 25 Pockets - $15.00
26 to 40 Pockets - $18.95
41 to 60 Pockets - $21.95
Email us for orders more than 61
Shipping Time: 7 to 10 Business Days - Large orders, or orders of all of one color may take longer
International Shipping is extra. If making an international purchase, please request a shipping estimate before purchasing. 



To place a Purchase Order of $300.00 or less through the Chair Pocket Factory Please fill out these 8 Items and fax them to the Chair Pocket Factory:

1. Contact Name:

2. Contacts Email Address:

3. School Name:

4. Shipping Address and Phone#:

5. The Item or Items you are ordering:

6. Size Choice:

7. Color Choice(s):


***Please note that payment is due upon receipt of Product and invoice!

To Place an Order by fax:

Please fax the list of 8 items to 561-953-0472


To place a Purchase Order of $301.00 or more through the Chair Pocket Factory, please fax the 8 items on the above list and an invoice will be sent to the contacts email. Once payment is received your order will ship out.

The Chair Pocket Factory *USA*

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