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After years of making these chair pockets for my class and friends classrooms, I decided to sell them so others could enjoy quality chair pockets for a reasonable price.
I had a problem in my class where my students took books from my library and kept them in their desk.
They would then stuff other things in and by the time they took my Library books out, the pages were either bent or ripped.
I decided to make the chair pockets so that my books would not get ruined again!


Our Goals

To provide the best possible customer service and products to all Chair Pocket Factory Clients!

We use only the best fabric and strongest thread to make Beautiful, LONG lasting and Durable Chair Pockets!

FeedBack from Buyers

* Sturdy chair pockets! The kids love them! Thanks

* Terrific craftsmanship Brillant colors Great communication Fast & fair shipping

* Excellent transaction

* Very nice, durable product and superfast shipping

The Chair Pocket Factory *USA*

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